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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q1. How soon will I get my order?

That will all depend on what you want. Buyfromonline has a wide variety of options that allows you to pick the arrival time. By adjusting the production and shipping your order might arrive as soon as 48 hours or if you are in no rush up to 2 weeks.

Q2. Can I add my own logo to my order?

At the moment we do not offer an option to upload your own artwork when placing your order online. However, you can add note when placing online order and mail us your own logo at with order number.

Q3. What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express and Paypal.

Q4. Color Issues?

Due to the volume of orders we process and the large number of vendors that provide us with materials, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of a color down to an exact pantone color. Only orders that request a custom color will get the shade or pantone they order. However, if for some reason you place an order for a green wristband for example and you receive a pink wristband we will replace your product with the correct color.